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RSA Support Services

Executive Committee

2022 - 2023

Local RSAs provide support services designed to assist ex-servicemen and women in need, whether or not they are members of a Returned Services’ Association.

Each RSA appoints a Support Officer to co-ordinate these services

and to give advice on the various community services available to

ex-service personnel and their families.


How We help
RSA assistance ranges from monetary grants for those in financial difficulty,
to help with practical tasks, visiting the sick, meals-on-wheels, and offering friendship and support in times of need.


Who We help
Help is available to all ex-servicemen and women, their spouses/partner, widows/widowers and dependants, whether or not they are members of
an RSA.


Overseas Veterans
Help and contact details for overseas veterans now resident in New Zealand.

War Pensions and Allowances
War veterans and ex-servicemen and women may be entitled to a war pension and a range of allowances from the New Zealand Government.


The various war pensions and allowances are listed with contact details

for the War Pensions Processing Unit.


How RSA can help
Assistance with making applications is available to members and

non-members of RSA through the Pensions or Support Officers located

at each local RSA.

RNZRSA Senior Advisory Officer is also able to assist.

If you or a member that you know of needs any help please let us know.



Geoff March


Vice President

Lyn Ward



John Aislabie

Jennie Black

Wayne Dick

Colin Fairweather

Craig Kahui

Barry King

Pam Murray 

RSA Padre 

Terri Sorenson


Terri Sorenson


A Message from Tony Hill, District President.


Veterans receiving National Superannuation may not be aware that they can apply for a Veterans Gold Card.

It has some advantages over a standard Gold Card. Your partner may also get some of the same advantages if you have qualifying service and are above disability thresholds of 52% for whole person impairment or War Disability pension of 70%.

Have a look at the attached document to see more detail and how to apply.

Also you can get a photo on your Gold Card for free. See below

SuperGold Card carriers may choose to add a photo to their SuperGold Card. This could be useful if you don't have a current form of photo identification, such as a driver licence or passport.

To arrange for a photo to be added to your card, visit your nearest AA Driver and Vehicle Licensing outlet with your card, along with three forms of identification that verify your name and date of birth, plus, evidence of your address. It's a free service for all SuperGold card holders.

Your photo will be taken and a new card posted to you - all free of charge.

James A. (Tony) Hill

District President

Waikato - King Country - Bay Of Plenty

Veteran Pension vs National Superannuation.png
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