Street Sign Auction

Over the past two years Whangamata RSA ands TCDC have been working on replacing Street Signs around the Whangamata RSA that had military involvement, these signs were revealed on ANZAC Day 2021.  


As there is a lot of history behind these signs the Council agreed that Whangamata RSA should auction the signs for members and locals to purchase to enjoy.

There are 10 signs up for auction, they are 2 X Ajax RD, 2 X Achillies Ave, 2 X Exeter Rd, 1 X Leander Rd, 1 X Philomel Rd and 2 X Tamaki Rd.

The Whangamata RSA AGM is on at 11am on Sunday 30th January 2022. These signs will be auctioned at the Whangamata RSA after the AGM, you can bid before the auction by submitting your bid to the Whangamata RSA office Email: rsamanager@outlook.com  

Use your name, bid amount and contact details.